An FPS Roguelike set in a vision of cyberspace pulled from the 1980s.

The B99 is an Artificial Intelligence (“Ai”) being developed to intelligently protect systems from the unpredictable and ever-changing tactics of hackers. Hackers from across the globe have been invited to test their skills against the B99 with their pride on the line. It is your challenge to best the B99 and its growing complexity throughout its development. RNG be with you.

Like any game in the rouglike genre, B99 gets better with more ingredients. Each month there will be a content update and the info below will reflect the current count of ingredients

Current Count
Year 1 Anniversary
Goal (3/28/2018)

11 50

10 30
Enemy Types    17 (3-5 alternates per type)   
65 total

50 (3-5 alternates per type)
200 total
Bosses 4 (3 alternates per types)
12 total
15 (3 alternates per type)
45 total


184 500
10 15
More features coming as well over time.